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Citgo Citcool Concentrate – This is a unique heavy-duty, synthetic coolant concentrate containing lubricity agents, anti-corrosion additives and other components to satisfy the demands of today’s high-performance machining operations. When diluted with water in the proper concentration, this premium product functions as a heavy-duty cut fluid. Containing no oil, this fluid shows distinct advantages over the more conventional ‘‘soluble’’ or ‘‘emulsifiable’’ cutting oils commonly used in industry, particularly in the areas of ease of mixing and cleanup, improved solution stability, freedom from odor and rancidity, heat transfer, and work face visibility.


Citgo Concrete Form Oil – CITGO Concrete Form Oil may be used for all concrete form applications. Due to its excellent non-staining characteristics, major users include burial vault manufacturers and white stone furniture fabricators.


Quench Oil 0521– CITGO Quench Oils are designed especially for the heat treatment of steel in a wide variety of quenching operations. CITGO Quench Oils are available in various grades. They are all formulated with stable, high VI, solvent-refined stocks. The chemical additives in these oils provide good oxidation resistance, excellent wetting ability and superior cooling capability. CITGO Quench Oils are highly stable, and their high viscosity index assures a minimum viscosity change during the entire quenching operation. CITGO Quench Oils give superior service where a medium-to-fast rate of quench is desired. The uniform heat dissipation property of these fluids allows for a quality hardened metal.


Citgo Rock Drill Oil – CITGO Rock Drill Oils are premium lubricants designed for the protection of pneumatic equipment subjected to excessive moisture or water spray. CITGO Rock Drill Oils are recommended for and meet the general requirements of major manufacturers of rock drills, jack hammers, and other types of pneumatic percussion equipment manufactured by Ingersoll-Rand, Gardner-Denver, Mincon, and others.


Citgo Sentry Oil – CITGO Sentry Oils are a complete line of well-refined, non-additive mineral oils for bearing and other general purpose lubrication. CITGO Sentry Oils are recommended for general lubrication of industrial machinery, machine tools, engine bearings, and other plant equipment where a non-additive mineral oil is desired. Grades 19 through 68 are widely recommended for heat transfer applications and in hydraulic systems where pressures or temperatures are moderate. They can be used in many applications where high oil loss makes the use of a lower cost product desirable. CITGO Sentry Oils are widely applied as diluents for cutting oil bases, and as flushing oils.