Food Grade Lubricants

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Clarion Food Grade HT EP – Clarion Food Machinery HT EP Greases are high temperature, extreme pressure (EP), water resistant greases in NLGI No. 1 and 2 grades. They are NSF registered H1 lubricants for incidental food contact for use in food plants under the jurisdiction of the U.S.D.A. They meet the requirements of U.S. FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 for lubricants having incidental contact with food. Clarion Food Machinery HT EP NLGI No. 2 Grease is certified under NSF/ANSI Standard 60: Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals—Health Effects and NSF/ANSI Standard 61: Drinking Water System Components—Health Effects.


Clarion Synthetic Refrigeration Fluid – Clarion Synthetic Refrigeration Fluid is a high performance non-foaming lubricant formulated using synthetic base stocks. This fluid provides outstanding thermal stability and oxidation resistance, and it possesses naturally high VI allowing it to be used over a wide range of temperatures. There is no paraffin wax component to form deposits in the expansion valves or capillary area. This product is completely compatible with petroleum based products.


Citgo Ice Machine Oil 68 – CITGO Ice Machine Oil 68 is a highly refined; pour depressed, paraffinic oil developed especially to lubricate ammonia compressors in industrial refrigeration systems. CITGO Ice Machine Oil 68 is designed primarily for the complete lubrication of industrial type evaporating ice machines and crankcases, cylinders and bearings of refrigeration compressors using ammonia refrigerant. Meets the requirements of Frick Co. Refrigeration Oil #3. In addition to its use in refrigeration compressors, CITGO Ice Machine Oil 68 is recommended for general oiling of bearings, open chains and linkages operating under conditions of mild unit loading and mild temperatures and humidity, where additive type oil is not required.


North Star Refrigeration Oil – CITGO North Star Refrigeration Oil 68 is recommended for use in refrigeration compressors and other low-temperature applications, including air conditioning systems. It is recommended for extremely low temperature applications requiring low floc points.